Battlegrounds Mobile India Crosses 50 Million Downloads, Players Rewarded With Galaxy Messenger Set Outfit

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Battlegrounds Mobile India has crossed the 50 million download mark. The game was officially launched on July 2 and has seen significant growth over the past month, although it was available a little before the official launch.

Crafton shared the development via a press release and rewarded players with a permanent outfit as part of a 50M Download Rewards event announced earlier this month. Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently only available on Android, but the developer is teasing an iOS launch that will happen soon.

just one month after the official release of battleground mobile India Feather on 2 July, developer Crafton declares a 50M Downloads Reward Event In anticipation of the game reaching 50 million downloads. Battlegrounds Mobile India clocks in the first week of launch 34 million downloads And reaching 50 million of the game was a matter of time.

The 50 million download reward event included milestone rewards for three phases – reaching 48 million hand job 49 million, and 50 million downloads. Now, as of August 14, the game has completed the final phase and players are rewarded in-game with the Galaxy Messenger set outfit as a permanent item.

“We extend our warmest wishes to our Indian fans on the occasion of Independence Day. We are delighted to be a part of this celebration, which has been made even sweeter with Battlegrounds Mobile India, which has clocked 50 million downloads on the Play Store in just one month!

I look forward to an equally strong response to our first esports tournament starting next month,” shared Wuyol Lim, Head of Battlegrounds Mobile Division at Crafton.

In the press release, Crafton also said that it will be announcing the iOS version of the game very soon on its social media channels. Battlegrounds Mobile India is expected to hit the App Store this month But there is no exact date yet.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a free-to-play battle royale game that has been launched in India as the local avatar of Pubg mobile Which was banned Back in the country in September.

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