Earn money through a website

How to earn money through a Website?


You must have heard enough that we can earn a lot by working on online websites. But many of us do not have any idea about how we can earn money through the website? Because of which many people are afraid to work on the website and that is why all these people are not able to earn by online website.

Today we will talk about how we can earn through the online website. And we will also read that in which ways we can increase our earning.

How to Earn Money through a Website

First of all, if we have to work online, then we should have a domain name for that. That means we should have a website. That we could work on.

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There are many ways to earn money from the website, in which some methods are given below-

6 Ways to Earn Money from Website

Best Ways to earn money online

1. Website Monetization (Google Adsense Monetization)

We can also earn money by monetizing our website. That is, we can also earn by taking the approval of Google Adsense on our website. For which we must first write about 15-20 blogs or articles on our website. After writing these blogs, we have to go to Google Adsense account and apply for Google Adsense.

Google Adsense

2. Affiliate Marketing

We can also earn a lot of money by doing affiliate marketing on our website. For this, first, we have to create our account by visiting the affiliate marketing website. From where we could do affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Like when we will put affiliate link of the product of Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank, etc on our website, and whenever a user clicks on that link and purchases that product, then some cashback from that is our Amazon, or Flipkart Is added to the account. But for this, we have to write website content on our website related to that product. After reading, the chance of the user purchasing our product increases significantly.

3. Selling Product (E-Commerce)

Now if we have a shop for mobile, electronics, toys, etc., then we can give information about all these products on our website. So that any product that any person will need will order on our website. And we can deliver that order to his house. This will benefit us that the sale of our shop will be both online and offline and our earning will also be much higher.

4. Paid Services

Now if you give a paid service, you can earn money in return by providing your service to people by giving information about your service on your website.

Paid Services

For example, you can earn a lot more from them by serving tuition coaching, health trainer, etc.

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5. Media.net Monetization

Like Google, it also allows users to approve ads on their website. For this also, we have to write some blog on our website. After which we can apply for media.net’s account and take its approval.

6. Digital Marketing Service

If you are a certified digital marketer, you can pay the service by giving information about SEO, SMO, PPC, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Content Writing, etc. on your website. Because the demand of all these is very high in the market at this time.

Big companies keep looking for such digital marketers who can handle their company’s website very well and help in increasing their business.

Like many companies keep putting their projects on freelancing websites. Where you can take their projects by giving information about your qualification (Digital Marketing). These projects are highly paid.

Similarly, you can create a website of your digital marketing service where users and companies can come and give you their projects and this will earn you a lot more.


From all these points we get to know very well that we can earn a lot by working on an online website. Similarly, there are many other ways to earn from a website. As we continue to earn online, we get more and more online earning ideas.

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