Jow raises $20 million for its meal and grocery planning service


French startup Jove has raised a $20 million funding round led by Orazio. Barley wants to make cooking at home easy by taking care of menu ideas and helping you manage your online ordering of groceries. The company has partnered with national food retailers to have your order processed seamlessly by your normal grocery store.

In addition to Eurazio, existing investors Headline, DST, and Stride.VC is also participating in today’s funding round. Founded in 2018, Jow has already raised $1.5 million in October 2018 and $7 million in December 2019.

It’s easy to describe barley by describing what service is not. Jow is not a grocery delivery service. Jow is not a food delivery company that lets you get ready meals as well.

When you sign up for Jaw, the first thing you describe is what it’s like to be at home. How many adults and children are living in your household? Are there any food allergies or specific restrictions? Do you have a microwave oven or blender?

After that, Joe will recommend some meals for the next week. You can review and customize each meal. For example, if you don’t feel like eating you can change something. You can also add or remove people for each meal.

Barley automatically generates a list of items to buy to prepare those meals. The startup tries to be as efficient as possible, which means you won’t get three bottles of olive oil if you need olive oil in three different meals. At the end of the shopping trip, you can add household items, drinks, and everything else that isn’t already on the list.

The company does not process your order directly. Jow transfers your inventory of items to a major supermarket near you. You can choose where you want to buy your food. The startup has partnered with six of the largest grocery brands in France, Carrefour, Auchan, Intermarché, Leclerc, Monoprix, and Chronodrive – representing more than 4,000 stores across the country.

You can connect to your preferred retailer using your existing login information from one of those brands. You can also choose from curbside pickup or home delivery.

Online grocery shopping is nothing new. But the experience hasn’t changed much over the years. You must know what you are looking for. The items are sorted into different categories and you get a grid of items in each category.

So planning and ordering online still seems difficult. There are three ways to solve this problem – you can prepare well and plan your week, you can rely on instant grocery shopping services that promise you delivery in about 15 minutes, or You avoid the problem altogether by ordering food on Deliveroo, Uber. Eats and other food delivery services.

Barley thinks that improving meal planning could change how you interact with online grocery shopping services. By eliminating complications, you can order less on food delivery services, save money and reduce waste. Cooking at home is always the most eco-friendly option.

And it is also a capital-efficient strategy. The startup has only 35 employees and has no food items. It generates revenue from grocers.

Overall, Jow users have ordered 20 million meals through the app. About 70% of the products in a customer’s basket come from the company’s cuisine.

Jow closed its funding round earlier this year and is announcing it today. The company plans to expand to new countries starting with the US. It will face competition from other meal planning startups, such as kitchen full.

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