Realme band specifications

Realme Band Specifications and its Price


Realme has launched its new band Realme Band on 5 March 2020 (official). There are quite good features in this band. With the help of which we can easily follow our daily routine. This bond will prove to be very helpful for us. The specifications and price of the Realme band are given below.

Design of Realme Band

The Realme Band contains a sleek, clean style. Its body is formed of plastic and has refined curves, which permit it to sit nicely on your radiocarpal joint. The smart band comes with clastic straps manufactured from TPU, that square measure 16mm wide Associate in Nursingd have an adjustable length of 152-227mm.

Realme band design

The TPU straps square measure soft and feel comfy. I wore the Realme Band for pretty much a complete day daily for over 2 months and it didn’t cause any discomfort. At twenty grams, the Realme Band is extremely light-weight and it’s simple to forget that you simply square measure sporting it. In fact, there have been times I didn’t feel the Realme Band on my radiocarpal joint and had to appear to form positive it didn’t fell off.

Removing the strap from the highest reveals the USB-A connecter on the most module, that comes in a very single grey color. However, you get 3 choices for the straps – Black, Green, and Yellow.

The main module contains a PPG optical vital sign sensing element on its back and there’s a circular electrical phenomenon button below the show that enables you to operate the Realme Band.

Realme Band comes with detachable TPU straps

A single faucet on the button enables you to navigate through the menu, which incorporates vital sign monitor, alarm, daily step count, restrictive details concerning the Realme Band yet as 3 of the 9 sports modes set by default – Yoga, Cricket and Run. A long-press on the button for 2 seconds enables you to check your daily step count information, manually live vital signs, activate the sports modes, and enable/disable alarms.

The Realme Band is IP68 certified, which means it’s protected against dirt, mud, and sand, and you don’t ought to take it off your radiocarpal joint once stepping into the shower. You’ll be able to additionally wear it whereas swimming, however, the smart band doesn’t track swimming thus you won’t get any information concerning your performance.

Display of Realme Band

The Realme Band sports a zero.96″ TFT screen of 160×80 constituent resolution, that is capable of displaying 65,000 colors and up to 64 letters on one page. The smart band supports 5 watch faces and additional is going to be intercalary with future updates. You’ll be able to select the watch face you prefer from the Realme Link app, that we’ll examine intimately within the software system section.

Realme band display

The default watch face displays time, daily step count, and a Bluetooth association icon. It additionally shows the battery level of the Realme Band, however, I’d have the most well-liked battery share instead since I forever had to open the Realme Link app to ascertain the precise charge left within the cell.

None of the watch faces show the battery share immediately, thus that’s one thing Realme will maybe look to feature through a software system update.

Moreover, I’d have additionally liked to possess customization choices for the watch faces to envision totally different data on the screen, like date or the daily average vital sign.

Realme Band presently supports 5 watch faces

The Realme Band doesn’t have a slight screen, thus you have got to use the circular electrical phenomenon button placed below the show to work for the smart band.

A touching show would’ve created operational the Realme Band way easier since its button doesn’t support swipe gestures that make navigation quite a job. And it’s additional annoying as a result of there are no thanks to returning to the previous page while not having to cycle through all the pages once more, that is long.

The screen itself appearance smart inside, however outside, it’s terribly poor visibility. Even once covering the show with the hand and setting the brightness to the utmost level, it had been quite tough to envision the on-screen content. This can be a deal-breaker since the Realme Band may be a fitness hunter meant to be worn outdoors one travail, and a screen with poor doors visibility defeats its purpose.

Adjust show brightness from the Realme Link app

All the data on the screen is displayed in portrait mode however you’ll be able to additionally switch to landscape victimization the Screen Rotation choice within the Realme Link app. I ponder why would somebody wish to use the landscape mode since it makes for terribly weird expertise and therefore the notifications get cut typically thus you don’t get to envision all the data.

Speaking of notifications, the Realme Band comes with a feature is known as good Notifications that alert you of incoming calls, SMS, and notifications from alternative apps put in on your smartphone with a vibration. We’ll get into its details within the options and Performance section.

There’s additionally a Raise To come to life feature, that uses the 3-axis measuring instrument to allow you to activate the screen of the Realme Band by lifting your radiocarpal joint to ascertain the time, daily steps, and notifications. It additionally works once the Sports Mode is enabled.

You can alter and disable the Raise to come to life feature or set it to mechanically activate at a group time every day through the Realme Link app.

Raise To come to life worked faithfully, however, the screen took longer every now and then to show on.

You can customize the beginning and finish time for Raise To come to life from the Realme Link app.

The software in Realme Band

The Realme Band depends on the Realme Link app that is presently solely offered for robot devices. To manage the Realme Band victimization of the app, you would like to form an associate in Nursing account 1st. You’ll be able to check-in either together with your portable range or email address.

You can check in with the Realme Link app victimization either portable range or email

After making the account, follow the directions on the Realme Link app to try the Realme Band together with your device. Once connected, you’ll see the Realme Band image on the home screen, clicking on which is able to synchronize the info from the smart band and you’ll see the smart band’s battery level and an outline of your daily steps, sleep, heart rate, and sports records. You’ll be able to synchronize the smart band manually yet with a swipe down gesture.

Realme Band pairing method

Up high is that the gear icon that enables you to access all the settings for the Realme Band, that embrace watch face, notifications for calls, SMS and apps, alarm, DND mode, daily goals, and more. You’ll be able to investigate the screenshots below to urge a higher plan.

Realme Band settings in Realme Link app

The Realme Link app contains a clean and straight forward UI, however, the info synchronization isn’t consistent. Typically it syncs in a very heartbeat and typically it takes a great deal of your time. The app picked up some updates since launch, however, it still wants some sharpening.

Moreover, once you try the smart band with a brand new device, the settings from your previous device aren’t carried over, that means you’ll start alarms, DND, and drink reminder on the new device once more. We have a tendency to hope Realme fixes this before long.

Plus, permitting the Realme Band to synchronize with the connected device mechanically at a daily interval is going to be a decent plan since you won’t open the Realme Link app simply to synchronize the info.

The company extended a software system update for the Realme Band last month that brought on the weather performance and therefore the ability to form the phone connected to the smart band ring thus you’ll be able to notice it if you misplace it. However, our unit didn’t receive it at the time of putting this on ink.


Realme Band Performance

The Realme Band comes with vital sign watching, sleep chase, step counter, and 9 sports modes, that embrace Run, Walk, Bike, Hiking, Fitness, Climbing, Spinning, Yoga and Cricket – the last one developed especially for the Republic of India.

Other highlights embrace Idle Alert, Drink Reminder, and good Notifications.

Heart Rate watching

Let’s say heart-rate watching1st. The Realme Band uses a PPG optical vital sign sensing element that flashes a green-colored light-weight on your skin, that is mirrored and skim by the sensing element to live the heartbeats.

PPG optical heart rate sensing element on Realme Band

The Realme Band measures vital sign mechanically every 5 minutes, that is heavy on the battery, however, you have got the choice to disable it and solely manually check your pulse once you wish. What’s missing maybe a third choice with a custom interval, so the smart band solely measures vital signs mechanically throughout a selected amount to assist save battery.

Realme Band has two heart rate monitoring options – Auto and Manual

To manually check your vital sign, you’ll navigate to the center rate page on the Realme Band and long-press the electrical phenomenon button. The smart band takes longer than usual to live the heartbeat typically, however short enough to be a deal-breaker.

It’s additionally value mentioning that Realme Band comes with wear detection, which means the smart band won’t live the center rate if you aren’t sporting it and can flash a message expression “Put the band on”. Nice.

You can notice all of your vital sign information within the Realme Link app. You’ll be able to additionally set a most vital sign worth from the app, Olympian that whereas doing sports can trigger an Associate in Nursing alarm.

Heart Rate information and most vital sign worth.

Sleep chase

The Realme Band comes with an automatic Sleep chase that is commonplace on fitness trackers and smartwatches. The sleep information is given in a very graphical kind within the Realme Link app and it tells you once you fell asleep and once you awakened. The whole sleep hours square measure then softened to Deep Sleep and lightweight Sleep. The chart additionally tells you if you were awake at midnight, however, it doesn’t reveal at what time and for the way long.

Sleep information together with sleep vital sign

The Realme Band measures the center rate yet once you square measure sleeping. Astonishingly, it additionally half-track daytime sleep, however that solely happened some of the times.

That said, sleep chase on Realme Band is buggy. Rather than recording the time once you truly awakened, it records the time once you arise from the bed.

Besides, the smart band additionally recorded sleep information once I wasn’t sporting it. Maybe Realme ought to use wear detection for sleep watching that it clearly isn’t immediately.

Moreover, there have been many instances of Realme Band thinking I used to be asleep once I was truly awake and moving.

Sports Tracking Features in Realme Band

The Realme Band has 9 sports modes – Run, Walk, Bike, Hiking, Fitness, Climbing, Spinning, Yoga and Cricket, that are developed especially for Bharat.

Realme band sports tracking

You can activate these sports modes manually from the Realme Band. It will store a minimum of 1 and a most of 3 sports modes. Out of the box, you get Yoga, Cricket, and Run, however, you’ll be able to choose your favorite modes still because of the order within which they seem on the smart band by heading to the game Mode menu within the Realme Link app. there is conjointly a Sports Record section within the Realme Link app wherever you get a summary of your sports activities.

Default Sports Modes Total offered Sports Modes Sports Records Sports Records

The Run, Walk, and Hiking modes count the number of steps, pace, distance, duration, rate, and calories burned, whereas Bike, Fitness, Spinning, Yoga, and Cricket skip the steps, pace, and distance. The rise mode, on the opposite hand, solely skips distance recording.

The Realme Band is perhaps the primary fitness band to feature a fervent Cricket mode and since it absolutely was hyped loads by Realme. I used to be quite curious to envision however Realme provided information for the 3 main activities within the game of Cricket – Batting, Bowling, and Fielding. However there is nothing special concerning the Cricket Mode since it solely tells you concerning the center rate and calories burned whereas taking part in cricket; like Bike, Fitness, Spinning, and Yoga modes.

Run, Walk, Bike, Hiking, Fitness, rise, Spinning, Yoga, Cricket

Maybe Realme will add support for steps, pace, and distance recording to the Cricket Mode to form it additional helpful.

Steps information

Talking concerning the step counter’s accuracy, it is not entirely good, as several alternative fitness bands. The smart band counted some further steps, however, it ought to still offer you a good plan of what proportion you walked and may work for observation progress.

Idle Alert and Drink Reminder

The Realme Band comes with Idle Alert and Drink Reminder – the previous reminds you to maneuver and take a walk if you sit for too long in one place, and also the latter reminds you to drink water at regular intervals.

You can activate each option from the Realme Link app. Idle Alert can raise you to “Do some exercise!” between nine AM to six PM if you sit too long, however, the Drink Reminder feature offers additional granular management.

Idle Alert is enabled from the Realme Link app

It allows you to choose the arise Time and Bed Time and also the days of the week once you wish to be reminded to drink water. You get to pick out the notification interval still, which has six choices – quarter-hour, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, and 2.5 hours.

Drink Reminder settings

The Drink Reminder works well, however, Realme may have created the Idle Alert additional helpful by gathering inactive information concerning the users and presenting it during the approach the center rate and sleep info is shown within the Realme Link app.

Smart Notifications in Realme Band

Smart Notifications alerts you of incoming calls, SMS, and notifications from alternative apps put in on their smartphones with a vibration. you’ll be able to head over to the Settings menu of the Realme Band within the Realme Link app and click on on the toggle button ahead of the Incoming decision choice to enable/disable incoming decision notifications.

You can reject the incoming calls from the Realme Band with a long-press on the electrical phenomenon button.

To turn on SMS and app notifications, you’ll be able to head to the Message Notification menu within the Realme Link app and modify notifications on a per-app basis.

Incoming call alert, App Notification alerts

The Realme Band displays notifications on the screen alongside the icons of the corresponding apps, however, this does not work with several apps – even widespread ones like Gmail and Instagram. This generally makes it tough to determine that the app sent the notification.

Besides, the notification content is usually truncated and once you receive multiple notifications, you’ll be able to solely see the most recent one with no thanks to checking the previous ones.

Realme very has to improve the sensible Notifications feature, and in its current state, the Realme Band constantly causes you to reach for your phone, while not lease you screen notifications and solely taking care of vital ones.

Realme Band Battery life

The Realme Band packs a ninety mAh battery that Realme says can give six days of autonomy with rate watching turned on, and 9 days while not it.

In my testing, the Realme Band lasted seven days on a mean with 24×7 rate watching and a barrage of notifications throughout the day (read: 100+), that consume further power as a result of the smart band vibrates after you receive them.

However, the usage did not embrace any workouts, thus those who’ll use the Realme Band for activity following with 24×7 rate watching can get less endurance.

That said, the sports modes do not work once the battery drops below two hundredths, however, step counter and rate monitor do. And once the battery dips below 100%, the Realme Band solely shows the time on the screen and you have got to charge the smart band to use different functions.

The Realme Band comes with a USB-A connection for hassle-free charging. This can be simply one in all the most effective options of the smart band since you do not want any further cables to enliven the battery – merely take away the strap from the highest aspect of the show and insert the USB-A connection into a USB-A port.

This is terribly convenient as a result of you’ll not solely charge the Realme Band mistreatment your phone’s adapter however conjointly through your portable computer or power bank. And if your smartphone supports reverse wired charging, you’ll use a USB OTG adapter to charge the Realme Band along with your smartphone.

I want additional smart bands to accompany USB-A or USB-C connectors.

The Realme Band took around one-hour half-hour to charge from 100% to 100%, and once it’s charging, the red-colored indicator on top of the screen lights up however you do not get any notification from the Realme Link app once the battery is absolutely charged.


The Realme Band comes with engaging options like IP68 mud and water resistance, rate watch, and a USB-A connection. However, the smart band’s show has poor outside visibility and sleep following, and step enumeration functions are but stellar at the instant. The much-hyped Cricket Mode is not something special either.

So is that the Realme Band value buying? Well, the Realme Band could be a first-gen product and therefore the Chinese phone maker has done an honest job with it. Of course, the sleep following and step enumeration options are buggies without delay, however that is one thing Realme will fix with a computer code update.

If you’re researching fora reasonable fitness hunter and wish the convenience of charging through the USB-A connection, then choose the Realme Band – at that worth, you actually can not fail.

Realme Band Full Specifications


Release date5th March 2020
ColorBlack, Green, Yellow
Reading TypeDigital
Ideal ForUnisex
Suitable ForSports, Fitness
Touch EnabledYes
Dial ShapeRectangle

Display and battery features

Display Resolution80×160 pixels
Battery Life (Days)Up to 9 days
Battery Capacity (mAh)90

Connectivity features

Bluetooth EnabledYes
Bluetooth Versionv4.2

Performance features

Water-Resistant Depth (meters)1.5


Compatible Android VersionAndroid 5.0 and above

Workout modes

Outdoor RunningYes
Other Workout ModesCricket, yoga, hiking, climbing, spinning, fitness

Activity tracking function

Calories BurnedYes
Do Not Disturb ModeYes
Heart Rate MonitorYes
Phone NotificationsYes
Sleep TrackingYes
Step CounterYes


Optical Heart Rate SensorYes
Vibration MotorYes


Weight (grams)20
Width (mm)19.6
Height (mm)240
Depth (mm)11.9

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