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discord A very interesting place to meet your friends and other like minded people. Discord is one of the most widely used communication services due to its wide variety and flexible server management options. The discord also involves tons of text formatting options and among those options, the spoiler Discord tag is also present. Many Discord users use the spoiler messages feature to send something the recipients are not ready for. It’s also a great way to send messages to a Discord server to people who actually interact with your messages because a spoiler Discord message can’t be viewed without interacting with it.

But there are many Discord users around the world who are new to it and can easily get confused about things like spoiler Discord tags. And for those users here is a complete explanation of what the spoiler Discord tag is and how to use it correctly in different ways.

pervert discord tag
pervert discord tag

What is a spoiler Discord message?

Discord comes with text formatting options like making text bold, italic, underline etc. And to format this text the message is appended to the main text message in a particular order with some special characters. This sequence of characters to be added to the main discord text message is known as a Discord tag. These tags can be used to achieve a variety of text formatting in messages.

The special thing about the spoiler tag, it is used to send spoiler discord message in the chat. Now, what are the spoiler messages? These are discord messages that are hidden and cannot be seen by simply scrolling through the chat. These hidden messages need to be clicked to reveal the contents of that message. In the context of text messages, the selected content is hidden by a black bar and if there is an image or attachment, it will remain blurred until you tap on it.

How to Add Spoiler Discord Tags to Text Messages

Discord text messages can be made spoiler in three different ways. There are two ways to use spoiler tags and one is to use the pre-provided option to create a message spoiler. Let’s discuss them.

1. By adding “/spoiler” to the text message

The first way to create a spoiler text message is to use the “/spoiler” tag. A simple way to make a message spoiler /spoiler at the beginning of the message and the whole message will be hidden. This method is good when you want to hide the entire message and not just a specific part of it.

Here’s what the message looks like in Raw Formatting:

/spoiler You are reading this on TechYorker

2. Change the message to “||” by appending between (double vertical lines)

You can do this method if you want to hide a specific part of your message instead of the entire message content. Simply attach the material between a pair of double vertical lines (||) and that particular part will be covered with a black stripe.

Here is the raw formatting and its result.

You are reading this on ||TechYorker||

3. Using the Default Spoiler Option

If you find the above two methods a bit technical and manual then Discord has a pre-provided option to make the message spoof. Simply select the part of your written message and select the option to hide it. Here’s how to do it.

  • Type the message you want to send.
  • Now select/highlight the message or any part of it which you want to hide.
  • As you select the text, a menu of options will appear.
  • Click the eye-shaped icon to apply the spoiler discord tag to the selected text and send a message in the chat.

How to add a spoiler disorder tag to an image or attachment

We covered how you can add spoiler Discord tags to text messages. But Discord also allows you to send bad images and attachments but this is different from sending spoiler text messages. Here’s how to send a spoiler image or other attachment to the controversy.

  • Click on the plus icon and select the Upload a file option.
  • Navigate to the image or file you want to send and upload.
  • Now check Mark as spoiler box from the pop up menu and send message in chat.

How to View Spoiler Discord Messages

You have learned how to send spoiler messages using the spoiler discord tag. But you might be confused how to see if someone sends you a spoiler message. Although this is a very basic thing, it can be an issue for a beginner. Well, it’s actually pretty easy to spot the hidden content of a spoiler message. If you find a spoiler message in Discord chat, simply clip them or tap on it and the hidden content will be revealed.

how to turn off spoiler discord tag

The spoiler Discord tag is definitely a good option if one wants to send a hidden message in a Discord chat. But Discord also allows its users to disable spoiler tags on their Discord servers. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open Discord and go to Settings.
  • Select the Text and Image option.
  • Scroll down to SHOW SPOILER CONTENT section. There you will see three options:
    • on click: This is the default setting that allows the spooler to use the Discord tag.
    • on the server i moderate: This disables the spoiler Discord tag on all servers where you have manage messages Able.
    • Always: This disables all spoilers.
how to turn off spoiler discord tag

ground level

So, it was all about the spoiler Discord tag. It’s really simple tag markdown that allows user to send hidden content in text message, image or attachments. Spoiler messages can easily be sent using proper tag markdown, making it one of the easiest things to do on discord. I hope this guide about spoiler discord tag is helpful to you and you will get proper information about what it is, how to use it etc.

If this guide was enough to improve your knowledge then you can tell us about it in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to leave your questions and suggestions there. I will definitely look into them.

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