Waymo’s Self-driving Cars Love This Dead-end Street in SF


waymo is done Testing your self-driving cars in San Francisco for the past decade. But an apparent change in vehicular routing has caused many of them to make way for a dead-end road in a quieter part of San Francisco, leaving residents there to wonder what on earth Happening.

recently CBS Report Took a road trip – 15th Avenue north of Lake Street in Richmond – to see if it might work Huh.

You see, it’s not just the occasional Waymo car that’s making an appearance. One resident said at least 50 self-driving vehicles could be seen on the road a day making rumbles “literally every five minutes”. While the CBS crew was on site, they noticed several Waymo cars turning at the same time, forcing autonomous vehicles to wait in line, while each performed a multi-point turn before exiting the same way. did.

Some people in the local area have contacted the human safety drivers of the cars to ask why the vehicles are preferring this particular road.

But the drivers do not seem to know, telling shocked locals that the car appears to have been programmed this way, and that as a safety driver they are doing their job by getting behind the wheel where the car takes them. She goes.

Even Elon Musk, the head of electric-car company Tesla, whose vehicles include a number of driver-assistance features, tweeted The response to the bizarre situation, simply saying: “Haha.”

A Waymo spokesperson told BBC that its vehicles sometimes make a detour in response to the presence of one of the city’s so-called “slow roads”, which are designed to ease traffic in some residential areas: “Waymo drivers follow the same road rules.” Whoever was doing the car is required to follow.”

But it still feels strange that despite San Francisco’s sheer size and abundance of roads, so many Waymo vehicles are trampling into this particular dead-end street.

“Surely they are searching Some On this small piece of land,” said a resident.

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