What is a Domain Name and Website

What is the Domain Name and Website?


We all must have heard this many times that we should do online business. But we do not know anything about which product or software we need for doing online business. Generally, we need a website first to do online business. But we cannot create a website unless we have a domain. Because no one can create a website without the domain. But now the question comes, what is the domain name.

And with the help of this, how do we make a website. And then how can we do our business online from the same website. The answers to all these questions are given below.

What is a Domain Name?

The domain name is normally the name of our website. Such as Amazon.com, Flipkart.com, Facebook.com, etc., now if we remove .com from all these names, and then the name which is left is the domain name. Such as Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook, etc. This means that the name that is written before the name of any website is called a domain name.

Now this domain name is always related to our business. This shows us that in order to start our business online, we have to first think of a domain name ie one name related to our business, and then we create our website with the same name.

How to choose a unique domain name

How to choose a unique domain name

Now we have come to know that for doing online business we need a domain name.

But now the question comes how to sort a unique domain name. Which is related to our business and is also easy to remember.

To create a unique domain name, we must first take care of a few things. Which is as follows-

  • The domain name should never be too big. This means that we should try to make sure that our domain name is not more than 10-12 characters long. If the size of our domain name is large then it is difficult for any person to remember his full name. And if our domain name is less than 10 characters, then one can easily remember the name of our domain.

Such as Amazon, Flipkart, Sciencene, etc. These three names are less than 10 letters and any person can easily remember their names. Now if we write for example any one domain name that is 15 characters or more like shakeitoffitness. This domain name is 16 characters. Now this name is very big, due to which no person can remember its name easily. That is why we should always keep our domain name short.

  • Never use a more difficult word in a domain name? This means that if we use a biologic word, a technical word in our domain name, then such a word is not so easy for anyone to remember. We should always use the easiest word in our domain name. So that any person can easily remember the name of our website.
  • We should never use special symbols, such as!, @, #, $,%, &, Etc., in the domain name. Because we can remember the name easily but we cannot remember the symbols so easily. And no company gives us domain names with special symbols. But we can use numbers in our domain name. Such as 91mobiles.

Keeping these points in mind, if you think of your domain name, then it will become quite good.


How to check domain availability

Now we have thought of our domain name, but after thinking of the domain name, we should first check whether the name we have thought is available or not. That is the name that we have thought, that someone else has not already bought.

If someone has already purchased that domain name, you will not be able to get that domain name, then you will have to think of different names.

To check the availability of the domain name, we have to go to GoDaddy’s website. After opening the website, the option of a search bar will come in front. Now we have to write our domain name in this search bar and then search.

Godaddy chose a domain name

After searching, if your domain name is available, then written will be available and if not available, will it be written there?

Godaddy search a domain name

Now, if it is available written here, then now you can buy this domain name. And you can make your own website. But if it is written, then you will have to think of another name.

What is a website?

Now we know what the domain name is and how it is named and how we can buy it. But now the question is how the website is made with a domain name.

Whenever we buy our domain name, .com, .net, .co.in, etc. in front of the domain name. The name is obtained by joining. When these words are added in front of your domain name, and then the full name that is created is what we call the website.

For example, if you add .com in front of Amazon, Flipkart, Apple, their full name will be Amazon.com, Flipkart.com, Apple.com.

We will forward our website as per our wish .com, .net, .co.in, etc. Can add anything. We should always add .com to your website. Because the value of .com is very high.

Now that our website has been created, we can start your business online from home.

If you have any questions and doubts about “What is the domain name of a website?”, please comment in the comment box.

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