Xiaomi Smart Glasses With Calling, Photos, and Navigation Features Unveiled

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Xiaomi has unveiled the new Xiaomi Smart Glasses – its first new Smart Eye wearable device. The Xiaomi Smart Glasses look like normal sunglasses but are embedded with sensors and an imaging system to enable various smart features, including navigation and real-time text translation. The company said that the Xiaomi Smart Glass is lightweight, weighs 51 grams and integrates a new MicroLED optical waveguide technology to display messages and notifications before your eyes. The Xiaomi smart glasses are said to be able to make calls, offer navigation using augmented reality (AR), capture photos and translate text right before your eyes.

The new Xiaomi smart glasses have been announced But the price and availability information was not revealed. The wearable is likely to be made available in China first before hitting the global markets. Xiaomi’s new smart glasses will compete Facebook recently introduced Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses. Facebook has adopted the classic Wayfarer frame and integrated smart components to enable multiple functionalities.

The Xiaomi Smart Glass has a square frame with the band running over it. The band that sits over the ears is a bit thick, possibly loaded with sensors. As mentioned, the glasses adopt MicroLED imaging technology to reduce the design space required in the structural design as well as reduce the overall weight of the device. Xiaomi says that the MicroLED has a high pixel density and a simple structure. This allows for a more compact display as well as easier screen integration. It has only 2.4×2.02mm display chip. Under a microscope, Xiaomi says the display is roughly the size of a grain of rice, with individual pixels measuring 4μm in size.

Xiaomi has opted for a monochrome display solution that lets enough light through and is said to be capable of reaching a peak brightness of 2 million nits. The company says that a total of 497 components, including miniature sensors and communication modules, have been integrated into the Xiaomi smart glasses. According to Xiaomi, the wearable is capable of independent operations such as navigation, taking pictures, acting as a teleprompter and offering real-time text and photo translation. Xiaomi smart glasses are also said to reduce interruptions at inconvenient times and display important information when it is important.

The new Xiaomi Smart Glass weighs only 51 grams, and it supports XiaoAI AI Assistant for voice commands. This is called the ‘primary contact method’. Glasses will filter out the information and display only the most important. For example, smart home alarms, instant information from Office apps, and messages from important contacts will be prioritized over others. The phones come with new glass built-in dual beamforming microphones and speakers to enable the calling feature. In addition, Xiaomi Smart Glass can present roads and maps to you in real time so that you can safely and easily keep an eye on the road.

For taking photos and translating text, Xiaomi smart glasses have an integrated 5 megapixel camera. The company says that the Xiaomi Smart Glass is also capable of converting audio to text with real-time translation. Other features include a quad-core ARM processor, a touch pad, and support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Xiaomi says that the smart glasses run on the Android operating system.

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