How to Left or Center align Taskbar in Windows 11

How to Left or Center align Taskbar in Windows 11


There is no doubt that Windows 11 There are a lot of UI changes compared to the previous Windows 10. And one major UI change that you notice as soon as you boot up a windows 11 pc is its start menu. Not only is the Start menu revamped with a new look, but its alignment on the taskbar has also been changed from left to center. but Microsoft Like in Windows 10, the facility to change the alignment of the top left of the taskbar has been provided.

So, in this article, I am going to show you how to align the taskbar to the left or center on Windows 11. By default, the Start menu and app icons are aligned to the center of the taskbar. The process for aligning the taskbar to the left is the same as for bringing it back to the center. Let’s see how to do this.

How to Align Taskbar to Left or Center in Windows 11

There are two ways to move the taskbar alignment. One is using the settings and the other is editing the registry of windows.

Align Taskbar Using Settings

The easiest and simplest way to change the alignment of the taskbar in Windows 11 is to use Settings.

  • press the Windows button and open settings.
Align Taskbar Settings
Personalization Settings
  • Now, choose taskbar from the left.
  • Alternatively, you can also right-click on the taskbar and select Taskbar Settings to cut through the above steps.
  • You will see the Taskbar Alignment option at the top. Click on Options and Select Left or Center option based on your preference.
Taskbar Setting

As soon as you select the left option, all the taskbar app icons and start menu will shift to the left side.

Align Taskbar Using Registry Editor

Alternatively, you can also change the taskbar alignment in Windows 11 using the Redistribution Editor.

  • Press Windows + R, type regedit and press OK. This will open the Windows Registry Editor.
Run Taskbar
  • In the address bar, paste the following address:
Registry Editor
  • View from list now TaskbarAl Registry, right-click on it and choose Modify.
Registry Editor (TaskbarAI)
  • In the Value data section, put either a 0 or a 1 with hexadecimal as the base.
    • 0 is for left alignment of the taskbar.
    • 1 is for center alignment of the taskbar.
Edit DWORD Value
  • Now, close all windows and restart PC.

After the PC boots up you will see that the changes you made are now in effect and the taskbar has changed its alignment to the left or center.

Ground level

These are the two ways to change the alignment of the taskbar in Windows 11. The method that involves editing the Windows Registry is not easy and also not practical if you can do this using the settings in real-time without any restart.

But I want to share that method with you though because I found this method very interesting and a fun thing for some of our tech geek readers. Anyway, which alignment of the taskbar do you prefer? Centered or Left Aligned?

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