YouTube TV not working? Here’re 14 working fixes


Youtube is tv youtube’s Live TV service that allows its user to stream multiple TV channels online. YouTube TV offers worldwide popular channels like ESPN, Fox, AMC, Discovery, etc. There are millions of users of YouTube TV services across the world but many of them sometimes face problems with it while streaming it on their devices. If you are also one of those perfect YouTube TV that is not working then you are on the right page. Here I have shared 14 possible reasons that could interrupt your YouTube TV service with their solutions.

I’ve tried to make this troubleshooting guide as general as possible so that I can help as many YouTube TV users as I can. That’s why this guide is not going to target any specific device and will work on any platform on which the YouTube TV service is available. If none of the devices is compatible with your device just move on to the next one.

How to fix YouTube TV not working?

1. Check that your internet connection is fast enough

YouTube TV provides the facility to watch on-demand and live TV. And since both are very data-hungry, there is always a need for an active and high-speed internet connection. You cannot stream the content without a good and stable internet connection. Without an internet connection, your YouTube TV will keep buffering. According to YouTube, the following are the recommended internet speeds for continuous playback of content.

  • 3.0 Mbps: This is the minimum required internet speed below which you will definitely experience a lot of buffering.
  • 7.0 Mbps: If you are streaming YouTube TV on ion device only then 7Mbps will be enough to stream HD video content.
  • 13.0 Mbps: If you internet connection is being used by other devices as well then your connection speed should be 13 Mbps.
Internet speed

2. Try YouTube TV with a Different Internet Connection

If your internet connection is fast enough and falls within the limits mentioned above then internet connection speed is not a problem. Maybe the connection itself is faulty. To check this, try connecting your device to a different internet connection such as your smartphone’s hotspot or something similar. And if YouTube TV works on another network that you have tried then try contacting your internet service provider and complain about the problem.

3. Try using a wired internet connection

Disconnect your YouTube TV streaming device if possible and try connecting a wired Internet connection, such as a LAN cable, to the Ethernet port. If it works fine with a wired connection then your wireless connection was not strong enough to provide enough data speeds. To resolve this, try moving the device closer to the router or remove unwanted obstacles to improve the wireless connection.

4. Restart Your Modem and Router

Before contacting your Internet service provider, if you have basic knowledge, you can try restarting your modem and router to reset the Wi-Fi connection. Simply unplug the router and modem from the electric board and plugin again. Now connect the streaming device and check if YouTube TV is working now.


5. Restart you streaming device

The problem may also lie in your streaming device. Chances are that for some reason your streaming device is not getting the proper network. To resolve this issue you can try to restart your streaming device i.e. your PC, Smart TV, Smartphone, or any other streaming device. heroine firearms, stop, etc you are using. After the restart, try connecting to the Internet and see if the YouTube TV problem is fixed.

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6. Check if YouTube TV is turned off?

Although little has changed since YouTube’s own servers have been down, the YouTube TV service is not accessible. But you can just check it to be sure and since it’s so easy why not do it. You can either get in touch in your social circles and forums if other people are also facing the same problem or you can visit sites like down detector To find out if the YouTube TV service has any outrage.

Youtube analytics

7. Turn Off YouTube TV on Other Devices

This is something to consider. You should know that YouTube allows you to stream YouTube TV to select devices at once. With a YouTube TV account, YouTube allows streaming on up to three different devices simultaneously. So, if you’re trying to access YouTube TV on one device while three other devices are already streaming from that account, you won’t be able to access YouTube TV on that fourth device. So either stop streaming on one of the already running devices or use a different account on that device.

8. Shutdown and Relaunch YouTube TV

There could be a simple caching issue in the YouTube TV application or the browser in which you are trying to access YouTube TV. This can easily cause problems with streaming content on YouTube TV. To resolve this you can try to close the YouTube TV app or browser and relaunch the service on your device. Now try to stream the content once the issue is resolved.

9. Try Playing YouTube TV on Other Devices

If you only use one device to access the YouTube TV service, you can try using it on another device like your Android Phone, Apple iPhone, or PC. If the problem persists then your device is probably fine and there is no need to troubleshoot the device. But if you can use YouTube TV on other devices, try restarting the device, reconnecting to the internet, or try using a wired internet connection or what could be wrong with your device Do any other work based on your possible doubts about it.

10. Check if YouTube TV has Location Permission

To provide you with the Live TV feature, YouTube TV needs access to your location. This service makes the service of regional TV channels based on the geographical location. If you have moved to a new location, reset YouTube TV, or are using it for the first time, please check whether YouTube TV has permission to access your location.

11. Log in to YouTube TV again

If you use one account to stream content on different devices and log into those devices frequently then there is probably a problem. Chances are you have messed up the accounts or there is a caching problem. You can try to log in to your YouTube account again.

Login in youtube

Go to YouTube TV, go to Account and log out of that device. After logging out, log in again with the same account and see if the problem is fixed.

12. Check if everything is up to date

The problem with YouTube TV can be caused by incompatibility issues. Make sure everything is up to date. Check if there is a new update for the YouTube TV app, the software on the streaming device, the web browser, or the software on your Smart TV. Consider keeping everything up to date regarding software and applications.

13. Try reinstalling the YouTube TV app

If your YouTube TV app is up to date and other software too then corrupted locally stored data on the device could be the problem. To resolve this, you can try to uninstall/delete the YouTube TV app completely and then try to reinstall it. After setting up log in to your YouTube TV account and see if that fixes the problem.

14. Update Your Location in YouTube TV

As I have already told you that YouTube TV depends on your location data and pin code of billing adders and based on that, regional content and TV channels are provided. YouTube TV works fine in most cases but if there are still chances that your migration to a new location may cause problems with YouTube TV. for this you can try to update your location To be sure your new location is not causing the problem.

Ground level

So there were 14 different ways to troubleshoot that you can try if your YouTube TV is not working. These 14 methods are not specific to one type of device. Rather, these 14 improvements cover a variety of devices, such as smartphones, smart TVs, streaming devices, Internet browsers, or any other device on which the YouTube TV service is available. If YouTube TV is not working then there can be many reasons behind it. It is therefore difficult to provide a specific solution to this problem.

Nevertheless, I have tried to discuss all the possible causes and their solutions. I hope this troubleshooting guide helps you and that you will be able to solve your YouTube TV problem. If any reason and its solution helped you then you can also help others here by sharing your case in the comments below. Or if you are still not able to fix the problem after reading this article then you can share your specific problem with me in the comments. I will definitely look into that.

Thanks for reading this post (YouTube TV not working? Here’re 14 working fixes). If any information in the information given in this post is wrong or missing, please comment in the comment box.

If you have any doubts or questions in “YouTube TV not working? Here’re 14 working fixes”, please comment in the comment box.

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